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ProRealAlgos Learning

A complete guide into building algos and succesful algo trading


All the knowledge and experience of ProRealAlgos compressed to a full step-by-step course on algo development in ProRealTime™


Powerful set of 12 different indicators

Jump start your career in algo development with the best Indicators for ProRealTime™. Better indicators means even better algos. 


Full access to large set of trading edges

Our large library of trading edges is growing by the day and allows for even more informed algos. Currently covering six different markets

ProRealAlgos Developer plan

From €207 per month

Algo development


Don't trade for 8 hours straight, automate! Get access to everything you need to become a succesful algo developer in ProRealTime™. All the knowledge and experience of ProRealAlgos compressed to a complete step-by-step course, a set of indicators and large set of trading edges.


From beginner level

No prior knowledge needed

Everything you will ever need to develop great algos

A decade of coding boiled down to this development plan

With our premium Indicators and extensive collection of Trading Edges, the only thing left for you to do is dive into our complete algo development course. It’s designed to help you transform your ideas into effective trading systems. Ready to get started?

This course is perfect for beginners—no prior knowledge required! It's 100% online, so you can access all the videos, livestreams, and materials from the comfort of your home, all of which are available in English. Plus, you'll have lifetime access to all the course materials. Get ready to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule!


The indicators and course are built for the ProRealTime™ platform which is available through IG for traders and investors worldwide


You will get to pick the brain of one of the leading profiles in the algo development field.


Learn to code algos the same way we do it. Our algo development process has generated robust algos for various markets and timeframes for years.


With our algo development  course you will learn how manage risk and money in your algos effectively.

Getting started in 4 steps


Create an account at your broker

Open an account with your preferred broker (IG or Interactive Brokers), We recommend using IG.


Install ProRealTime
& get license

Install ProRealTime™ on your local computer through your broker. ProRealTime™, and get a license for the developer plan.


Take the full development course

To fully utilize the potential of our indicators and trading edges, as well as your trading ideas, you will take the full algo development course which will help you become a succesful algo developer.


Start developing your own algos

Practice makes perfect. With this developer plan you are getting everything an algo developer needs, but please expect that you get down to work. With time you will master the art of algo development.


All that you need to identify the current market type and trade that market type successfully.

What's included?

All our Indicators and oscillators (Value €1990)

Premium access to Algo Development Course (Value €1990)

Access to 300 different code snippets (Value €990)

Access to 12 different Core codes (Value €2990)

Large set of Trading edges & statistics (Value €990)

One ProRealTime™ import

100% Money-back guaranatee

What really matters is what our algos users say

You can find reviews on our algos and other products on the third-party review site and chat directly with our customers in our ProRealAlgos Discord channel.

What will this plan do for you

Easy digestable course structure with clear goals and objectives


Our newly developed learning platform gives you a clear overview of the content of the whole program and your individual progress throughout the course. The steps are broken down to smaller chapters with clear goals and objectives - making algo development easy and fun for you to learn. 

What will you learn?

A new way-of-thinking to find, evaluate and test your own trading ideas

Analysing and performing backtests of your ideas in ProRealTime™

Optimization and walk-forward optimization

The basic coding knowledge you need to test, build and refine your own trading systems

Money and risk management including Monte-Carlo analysis

And alot more

Send us an e-mail if you don't find the answers you are looking for

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect to learn from the developer plan?

You're gonna dive into everything from basic coding to advanced trading strategies using ProRealTime™. Expect to get hands-on with backtesting, optimizing trading systems, and even some savvy money and risk management practices. Plus, there's a whole lot more to explore!

How do I start the free trial for ProRealAlgos developer plan?

Super easy! Just hit up our website, click on the "Start 7 day free trial" button, and you’re all set to begin exploring our courses and materials. No strings attached!

Do I need any prior knowledge before starting?

Not at all! Our program is tailor-made for beginners. We’ll guide you from the basics to more advanced concepts, all at your own pace. So, don’t sweat it if you’re just starting out.

What kind of support can I expect while learning?

Got questions? Shoot us an email or drop a message on our Discord. While the course videos are pretty self-sufficient, we're here to help with any extra guidance you need. Plus, our community on Discord is super helpful and just a message away!

What types of payment plans are available for the developer plan?

We've got options to suit everyone! You can start with our free plan to get a taste, or jump straight into our paid plans for full access. Plus, our payment plans are flexible—you can choose from 6 months, annual or single payment, whatever works best for you!

What is the typical duration from start to finnish?

Our program is designed to be self-paced, so you can take as much or as little time as you need. Most of our learners tend to complete the course within a few months, but with lifetime access, you can absolutely go at your own pace and revisit any material anytime.

"It's all that you will ever need"


Are you ready for the
next level of net worth?

Get your hands on all indicators, tools, learning material and edges you will ever need as an algo developer.

Try it out for free

Getting started is easy and we will help you all the way from start to profit.

Are your life ambitions bigger than just owning a house, having a car and some savings for a rainy day?

This program is rooted in mutual trust and respect. It's a venture, where participants will work closely with Carl Eriksson and the ProRealAlgos team over a longer period of time. Our aim is not just for you to run our algos but to forge a deep, enduring partnership, that will over time bring you to the next level of net worth and financial freedom.

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