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A complete guide into building algos and succesful algo trading

ProRealAlgos Trading Edges

Trading edges for


Whether you're a day trader, swing trader, or algo trader, our trading edges are designed will help enhance your trading returns. Explore a range of edges backtested over decades to deliver actionable insights and consistent performance.

By offering clear, tested entry and exit strategies, strong trading edges help cut down on guesswork and sharpen your decision-making. Adding these solid edges to your trading approach can greatly boost your profitability by making the most of precise market timing and smart risk management.

Strong trading edges are the start of all succesful trading


Strong trading edges for traders looking to increase their returns

“The secret to being successful from a trading perspective is to have an indefatigable and an undying and unquenchable thirst for information and knowledge.”


- Paul Tudor Jones

Reduces guesswork and enhance your trading precision

Learn how to spot and seize favorable trading opportunities

Statistics, data, and sharp trading edges give you a leg up by helping you make smarter, more informed decisions. By digging into detailed statistical analysis and historical data, you can spot patterns and trends that aren’t immediately obvious.


This deeper understanding of how the markets move and what influences them arms you with the knowledge to create your own trading edges—basically, specific scenarios where the market has shown predictable behavior in the past.


With these insights, you can trade with more confidence. Instead of going with your gut or making hasty decisions, you can use these data-driven insights to pick the best times to jump in and out of trades. This way, you’re not just throwing caution to the wind but taking calculated risks that boost your chances of higher rewards. It’s all about trading smarter, not harder.

What's included?

Large (and growing) number of trading edges, trading strategies and market statistics for indices, commodities and various FX Pairs.

ProRealTime™ code included on all edges™

All trading edges have been backtested on years, and often decades of historical data

All trading edges have verified statistical relevance with a minimum of X trades per trading edge. 


A few examples

If you have two consecutive daily lower lows on FTSE100, and the close is below MA20. Go long and exit when the daily close is bigger than yesterdays close. This gives you a 72% winrate and a 2.37 profit factor from 1984 until today. 


If you are swing trading CAC40 over night, consider the fact that it's 2.03 times better to hold long positions from Thursday close to Friday open, than any other night of the week. Avoid holding positions from Friday close to Monday morning.


Is there a bank holiday coming up soon? From 1970 until today it has proven statistically beneficial to go long on SP500 at the open, the day after a bank holiday and sell on the next strong daily candle. It will give you a 3.44 profit factor.

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