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ProRealAlgos Learning

A complete guide into building algos and succesful algo trading

What will you learn?

A new way-of-thinking to find, evaluate and test your own trading ideas

Analysing and performing backtests of your ideas in ProRealTime™

The basic coding knowledge you need to test, build and refine your own trading systems

Optimization and walk-forward optimization

Money and risk management including Monte-Carlo analysis

And alot more


ProRealAlgos Learning

Algo development made easy and fun

All the knowledge and experience of ProRealAlgos compressed to a complete step-by-step course
on algo development in ProRealTime™

Free and paid plan

Lifetime access

Beginner level

Your teacher, Carl Eriksson

With over a decade of experience in trading and algo development personally and institutionally, you will get access to pick the brain of one of the leading profiles in the algo development field.


Beginner level

No prior knowledge needed to attend


100% online


All videos, livestreams and material are online



All videos, livestreams & material are in english

Shareable certificate


Earn a shareable certificate upon completion

Lifetime access

Get access to the course material for a lifetiime

Currently in the making

Strategy idea and alignment

You will learn about how to come up with new trading ideas and how to test them in ProRealTime. We'll also cover the basics of coding and backtesting.


Quality testing and evaluation

Your trading strategy is finished but will it perform live? Instead of starting your algos immeditealy we'll teach you how to quality test and evaluate your system.



Optimizing and refining the edge

You will learn how to further optimize and refine your trading systems by adding functions, filters and finess to your code.


Live management and follow-up

The 4 steps of the program

You will learn how to manage your algos and follow up the performance so that you get the best out of your algo.


Our newly developed learning platform gives you a clear overview of the content of the whole program and your individual progress throughout the course. The steps are broken down to smaller chapters with clear goals and objectives - making algo development easy and fun for you to learn. 

Easy digestable course structure with clear goals and objectives

What do our customers say

about our new learning program


Great call! I have been looking for more educational videos for ProRealTime and i've really enjoyed the first few videos!


Andy Davies


Thanks! I've watched all videos you released so far. I will probably sign up for the premium program in a few months.


L. Blokland


Expectations met?







Not really



I will be following these videos cloesely. I'm especially interested in learning how you evaluate your backtests.


Niklas Persson


Interesting. I hope to learn a little and be able to program my own trading systems after having taken the program.


Oskar Schulze


Most Liked


Helpful examples


Engaging teacher


Clarity of Instruction


Actionable steps

What is the Strategy sharing club?

It's a club where premium members of the ProRealAlgos Learning program share a strategy and in return gets strategies that other members have submitted. All strategies that are submitted will be live tested by the ProRealAlgos team for 6 months before it's shared to the members of the club. This means that all shared strategies have proven out-of-sample results! The more strategies you submit and that are accepted - the more strategies you will receive from other members.

What's the difference between Premium and Strategy club?

Strategy club members are automatically accepted to the strategy sharing club. A premium member have to first submit a strategy to be accepted to the club. The strategy have to show good results in a 6 month period before the member is invited to the club.

What can I expect in terms of chat & e-mail support?

The videos will be educational enough to be self-sustaining, but if you have personal questions that can't be answered by fellow members in the discord channel - send us an e-mail or DM on discord. 

When will the program be finished?

Probably never. We will continue to release new videos as soon as we find interesting topics that can help our customers become better algo trades. We'll release approximately one freemium video and one premium video per month but the program will never be finished.

What strategies and indicators can I expect from this program?

If you're a Premium or Strategy club customer you will receive all indicators, strategies and screens that are used and developed during the course of the program. 

How long do I get access to the program?

If you're a Premium or Strategy club customer you will get access to all the educational videos for the whole lifetime of ProRealAlgos.

When is the live lectures and workshop?

We will schedule the first live lecture when we have reached a certain amount of members.

Frequently asked questions
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