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This is how our algos works

Our trading algorithms will make trades for your automatically on your own trading account, on a number of different markets and indices. 

Up and running in 15 minutes

No need for previous knowledge

No need to have computer running


Beating the market with tested strategies

A decade of coding & trading boiled down to 29 algos

Our algos are developed on scientific research and empirical testing. With quantitative analysis we can find historic patterns in the markets, and develop strategies that utilizes those patterns to beat the market.


The algos are built for the ProRealTime™ platform which is available through IG for traders and investors worldwide


The algos have been trading live since 2017, and the strategies have been developed and validated on data back until 1980


Developed to minimize risk and maximize reward, with focus minimizing drawdown with effective stoplosses and fine tuned entries.


Developed by Carl Eriksson and Juan Jacobs, two of the most prominent algo developers for ProRealTime™

Getting started in 4 steps


Create an account at your broker

Open a dedicated account for ProRealAlgos with your preferred broker (IG or Interactive Brokers), We recommend using IG.


Install ProRealTime
on your computer

Install ProRealTime™ on your local computer through your broker. ProRealTime™ does not need to be running when you have started the algos. 


Get a license for the algos

Acquire a license for the algos of your choice. There are numerous pricing alernatives to choose from. You can also try out any algo for free for 21 days.


Decide position size and start the algos

Decide your position sizing, add capital to your broker account and start the algos. The algos will now automatically trade for you until your manually stop the algo or until your algo license ends.

Test our algos free for 21 days

Ready do get started?

Climb the net worth ladder with our automatic trading algorithms, but first, make your due dilligence and test our algos yourself for free for 21 days.

Try all     Algos free


Over 40 different indicators, codes & algos for 20+ different markets

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