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ProRealAlgos Learning

A complete guide into building algos and succesful algo trading

ProRealAlgos Price Action system

Trading system with

clear instructions

A complete day trading system for ProRealTime™, with years of proven results, for all different market types. The system covers how to identify the current market type and how to trade it successfully. To do that you will be using 10 custom indicators.

*Reference period in 2024 shows 96.7% better gains compared to our benchmark trading system.


What's the value of a trading system if it's too complex to follow? We've developed this system with ease-of-use as it's number one priority. With clear instructions and a set of custom indicators you will beat both the market and other systems.

A trading system that beats other trading systems

Years of trading boiled down to a simple set of rules

What will you learn?

Identify the market phases
and trade them successfully

This trading system is all about giving traders the tools and strategies they need to tackle any market condition. It’s packed with cool indicators like RSI Power Signal V3, Bollinger Bands, and Pivot Points to help you get a read on the market vibes. The setup is built for flexibility, making it easier to handle risk and switch up tactics on the fly.


Whether the market is steady or swinging, this system helps you make smart moves, refine your trading approach, and stay on top of the game. It’s perfect for anyone looking to up their trading game and get consistent results.


The system is great for digging into the specifics of market trends, helping you decide when to jump in or out. With tools that highlight crucial trading signals and market shifts, you'll feel more confident making calls on the fly. It’s about getting a clear picture and making informed decisions quickly.

What's included?

Lifetime access to the complete set of customly developed indicators: RSI Power Signal V3, Perfect Scalper indicator, HTF Bollingers, HTF MA, MA Angle system, WAC Oscillator, Pure Price Action indicator, Moving Average Angle indicator, Smart Money Indicator, Market hours, True Trend indicator and Market Phase Indicator

Complete instructions on how to setup the indicators (Video and instruction manual)

Complete instructions on how to identify the market phases (Video and instruction manual)

Complete instructions on how to trade the market phase (Video and instruction manual)

Detailed explanation of all custom indicators (both video and text)

What will you learn?

Identify and trade effectively in different market types such as consolidating and trending markets.

Apply specific strategies tailored for each market phase to optimize trade entries and exits.

Detect shifts in trend momentum

Master advanced trading indicators including RSI Power Signal V3 and Smart Money indicator

Implement risk management techniques and adjust positions to protect against financial loss.

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