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Core codes & code snippets

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prime algo

The 7 core codes are the complete strategies we use ourselves in our own algos, that you can use as signals for your own algos. Major parts of the code is hidden.

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The powerful and versatile core codes we use ourselves in our own algos

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The 100+ Code snippets are power filters, entry codes, exit codes etc that you can use in your own trading algorithms and in your manual trading. The full code is visible.



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​These Core codes must be tailored by yourself to your specific need and to your specific timeframe and index through optimization, configuration, and testing. If you're in search of algorithms that are not only designed for particular indices and timeframes but also have proven live results, go to our Plug&Play Algos


Versatile crossover strategy

Most of our Plug&Play algos comes from this advanced MA crossover strategy


Advanced Multi-TF strategy

Our most advanced core strategy utilizing every ProRealTime™ feature there is


Unique mean reversion strategy

Combining linear regression with pivots to a powerful strategy for FX & Commodities


Strong trendfollowing strategy

Trades the trend of any index with dynamic positioning using VWAP and VWMA


Advanced mean reversion strategy

Merging mean reversion with linear regression to a powerful strategy for FX & Commodities


Powerful scalping strategy

Trades micro-trends and scalping zones on low to medium timeframes on FX markets


Powerful scalping strategy

Trades peak hours, chases three-candle momentum and rides the waves


Cuts pivot strategy

Versatile pivot  strategy

Trades price pivots on medium timeframes for most major indiceses


King Mean Reversion strategy

Strong Mean Reversion strategy

Using ATR to dermine the daily mean to enter mean reversion trades (long only)


End of day strategy

Versatile pivot  strategy

Enters trades at the end of the day in connection to high volatility

The full library of Code snippets

The full set of all entry & exit codes, trade filters, money management code, optimization code and more to supercharge your ProRealTime™ trading

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