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Become a ProRealAlgos partner and
Get premium algos from AlgoAlpha              

Becoming a ProRealAlgos partner and spreading the word about us comes with great advantages. Aside from the 100€ cashback for every referred customer your will get access to some very special premium algos, from AlgoAlpha exclusively for ProRealAlgos partners e.g. FANG, US Crude, Russell2000, SP500. It's also possible to receive the PRTA All algo package. 

*All perks of becoming a ProRealAlgos partner are connected with the requirement to refer customers 


(100€ cashback is always included)
1 credit per referred customer

2 credits
AlgoAlpha US Package

4 algos: AA FANG M5, AA US Crude M5, AA Russell2000 M5, AA SP500 M2
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3 credits
PRTA All Algo Package

13 algos e.g. PRTA DAX M2, PRTA US100 M2, PRTA DOW M5, PRTA FTSE M5 etc.

? credits
AlgoAlpha Package #2

Not released yet


Partner rewards

3 simple steps


Sign up to become a partner

Fill in the form and wait for your unique discount code and URL.


Start sharing the word of ProRealAlgos

In any way e.g. e-mail, twitter, forums, real life


Get your cashbacks and premium algos

See the possible referral rewards to your left

Sign up to become a Partner

After filling in this form we will first process the information. When we have created your unique discount code and unique url/page for you we will contact you. 

You can choose to not have a referral page but then it's your resposibility to let us know about any customers you refer.

Preferred language of your unique page

Thank you for signing up. We will get back to you shortly!

Fästpunkt 1

Algo Alpha US Package

4 algos. Click images to enlarge



Index: US FANG
Timeframe: 5 minutes

Gain: 6 070$

Winrate: 77.72%

Profit factor: 2.33

Max drawdown: 444$


AA US Crude M5

Index: US Crude
Timeframe: 5 minutes

Gain: 1 417€

Winrate: 91.07%

Profit factor: 3.36

Max drawdown: 177€


AA SP500 M2

Index: US SP500
Timeframe: 2 minutes

Gain: 1 450€

Winrate: 89.92%

Profit factor: 4.0

Max drawdown: 109€



Index: US Russell 2000
Timeframe: 5 minutes

Gain: 5 900$

Winrate: 81.6%

Profit factor: 2.41

Max drawdown: 487$

Useful information

Monthly reporting of your referral progress

At the end of every month we will send you the results of your effort during the month, including number of visitors on your URL/page and number of visitors that have turned into customers.

Referral code (-10%)

All partners will receive a unique discount code with unlimited number of uses. It will be worth 10% and can be used by all the people your refer.

Who is AlgoAlpha?

AlgoAlpha is a third-party partner to PRTA. They build trading strategies in Build Alpha but have now together with us translated some of their algos to ProRealTimeexclusively for our partners.

What is the average time for a first time visitor to make its first purchase?

This is dependant on the length of the demo trial of course. Most users will make their first purchase 1 week after the trial ends.

Are algo performance affected by more people using it?

Not on the size of markets our algos are running. Our customers are too small to affect the market in any significant way.

We take full responsibility of any person you refer

We take full responsibility for all customers and make sure that all referrals are treated in the best way possible. 

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