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Powerful core strategies

Build your own trading algos with the same strategies we are using

Plus Core strategy

Best seller

Customizable strategy for you to configure for the index and timeframe of your choosing as-is or with additional filters/indicators/code. Major parts of the code is hidden. 

Dive into the future of trading with our cutting-edge trading algorithm, tailored to transform market data into actionable insights. Crafted with the modern trader in mind, our program integrates a spectrum of computational techniques, encompassing moving averages, the standard Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the ever-reliable Bollinger Bands percentages.


Step into a world where trading meets innovation. Our algorithm isn't just a tool; it's your trading companion, designed to enhance your strategy and maximize your market potential. Embrace the future of trading and experience a paradigm shift in your decision-making prowess. The market waits for no one, but with our algorithm by your side, you'll always be a step ahead.

What are the strengths of this core strategy?

Multi-TF trend analysis

Precise Trailing Stops

Refined coding techniques

Historically robust and adaptive


Carl Eriksson



With a BSc in Computer Science, Carl Eriksson has navigated the vast world of business, leading a thriving web development company and freelancing on numerous coding projects over the years. Diving into the realm of trading algorithms, Carl has innovatively developed over 1,000 systems and indicators, some of which are showcased on this website. His reputation as both an innovative thinker and a meticulous programmer sets him apart in the trading community.

Huge volume discounts

Release date

Dec 2020


Which ever


MA Crossover


Which ever





Plus - Our most advanced and sophisticated code yet

The plus core strategy was the second algo collection we built, released at the end of 2020.  The name Plus comes from the fact that this algo type have it all, utilizing every single possiblity in the ProRealTime platform™. It can be considered the all-inclusive algo.  It's utilizing 7 different timeframes for entry and runs with a advanced trailing code to catch as much profit as possible without getting stopped out prematurely. The algos have been developed through rigorous data mining with starting point in classic price action patterns. One can say that this algo type pushes the ProRealTime™ platform to the limit in terms of functionality aswell as the data used in the development process. 


As with most trendfollowing strategy, it uses a medium to large stoploss, meaning that the you will see a high winrate (around 80%). You will not see the algo hitting the perfect bottom or the perfect top, but you will see trades taking big profits following big movements within the trend. .



A Symphony of Technology and Strategy

Our trading algorithm harmoniously fuses technology with strategy, creating a symphony of data-driven decisions that resonate with your trading aspirations. Beyond the mathematics and code lies a world where every trader's intuition is amplified through computational intelligence. No more second-guessing or relying on gut feelings; let our algorithm be the maestro, orchestrating your moves in perfect harmony with the market's ebb and flow. Dive in, and let the crescendo of success be the soundtrack to your trading journey.

Which are the settings to optimize?

A total of 24 different variables to optimize

The core strategy uses a number of different indicators and filters in order to make those perfect trades. These indicators and filters have to be optimized for your intended timeframe and market. 

Both long and short conditions have 10 variables each to to optimize. In addition to that you can choose to optimize the stoploss levels and the target profit levels. 

It's also recommended that you think about the trading hours of your system and make sure that the spread you use when developing the algo, aligns with the average spread of the index during the hours your algo is trading. 

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