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ProRealAlgos Learning

A complete guide into building algos and succesful algo trading


20+ Plug&Play algos for 10+ markets

A diversified portfolio of algos, running on different markets and timeframes means less risk and less volatility in all market conditions. See all algos.


Invitation to Carl's Capital Climbing Club

Our founder, Carl Eriksson, is bringing with him a group of dedicated algo traders on a journey up the net worth ladder. Read more about the club.


All new algos and updates included

We're continously developing new algos and evaluating existing ones. Any updates or new algos are included in your plan.


ProRealAlgos Algo trader

From €207 per month

Algo trading


Don't trade 8 hours straight, automate! Let the highest rated Plug&Play algos, from the market leading ProRealTime™ automate your trading, and generate passive and effortless income for you.


Get started in 20 min

No prior knowledge needed

Beating the market with tested strategies

A decade of coding & trading boiled down to 20+ algos


Our algos are developed on scientific research and empirical testing. With quantitative analysis we can find historic patterns in the markets, and develop strategies that utilizes those patterns to beat the market.

The algos are built for the ProRealTime™ platform which is available through IG for traders and investors worldwide

With this plan you are getting access to a wide portfolio of algos, running on a large number of different markets - developed by two of the most prominent algo developers for ProRealTime


The algos have been trading live since 2017, and the strategies have been developed and validated on data back until 1980


Developed to minimize risk and maximize reward, with focus minimizing drawdown with effective stoplosses and fine tuned entries.


Developed by Carl Eriksson and Juan Jacobs, two of the most prominent algo developers for ProRealTime™

Getting started in 4 steps


Create an account at your broker

Open a dedicated account for ProRealAlgos with your preferred broker (IG or Interactive Brokers), We recommend using IG.


Install ProRealTime
on your computer

Install ProRealTime™ on your local computer through your broker. ProRealTime™ does not need to be running when you have started the algos. 


Get a license for the algos

Acquire a license for the algos. There are numerous pricing alernatives to choose from. You can also try out any algo for free for 21 days. Browse our algos.


Decide position size and start the algos

Decide your position sizing, add capital to your broker account and start the algos. The algos will now automatically trade for you until your manually stop the algo or until your algo license ends.


The complete and diversified set of Plug & Play algos you need to become a profitable algo trader

What's included?

All our active Plug&Play algos (Value €17110)

Updates of all algos included during license period

Exclusive invitation to Carl's Capital Climbing Club

Get-started support

One ProRealTime™ import

One-on-one get started call

100% Money-back guaranatee

Excellent service and excellent algos

The algos are legit, solid and present good results. ProRealAlgos team is always improving the algos and adding or removing algos taking into consideration results and market conditions.

Nuno Velhote

What really matters is what our algos users say

You can also find reviews on our algos and other products on the third-party review site and chat directly with our customers in our ProRealAlgos Discord channel.


Passive & massive income for our algo traders since start

Beat the market with Algos from ProRealAlgos


in 43 months (203% gain)

Initial capital


Max Drawdown

with €1423 max drawdown


generated position sizes


This is what you're here for. The calculator and chart shows our historic results of our active algos with your preferred risk settings.
See all detailed results here.


Why would we sell our algos?

If the algos are that good, why would you sell them?

Selling our algos means a risk free income in addition to the risk based income that those same algos are already giving us. It doesn't cost us anything to sell them, it doesn't affect the results of the algos, and the code is hidden so they can't be copied.

So the better question to ask is, why wouldn't we sell them, when they can generate additional income with minimal effort? 

Development process

By creating algos through the same process over and over again we can tune and adjust the steps to make it even better. We continuously make small improvements to the process to make sure it only creates algos that are robust; a prerequisite to be profitable in algo trading. Read the full development process.

Send us an e-mail if you don't find the answers you are looking for

Frequently asked questions

Will you provide updates?

Our algos have been developed in a way that ensures robustness. If a market shift would change the performance of an algo, an update would be provided to all subscribers without cost.

Why do you sell your algos now?

The reason for not sharing our algos sooner is that there was no way to hide the code. The possibility to hide the code is a necessity for sharing algos, to make sure the code is not copied and shared illegally. Now when we can hide the code, we can help other algotraders make money on our algos and we can still keep our code secret.

Do you continously run tests to further optimize/adapt your algos to the market?

They stay fairly consistent. If we observere a more permanent change in market that does not suit the algo, we will update it accordingly free of charge.

Who are ProRealAlgos?

The ProRealAlgos team is a small team combined of tech nerds and programmers on 3 different continents. In Nov 2019 we decided to start renting out algos based on the code that we ourselves already had been running for years.

How big stoploss are the algos using?

All algos we offer today have a stoploss ranging between 0.5% to 2%. To see the exact stoploss of every individual algos go to our algos page

Do you give support on how to install the algo?

Yes, we will help you get started with your algo. There is a step-by-step guide here. If you need more help, please e-mail us or contact us on twitter.

"Ultimately you need to trust me and our algos"


Are you ready for the
next level of net worth?

Get your hands on the complete and diversified set of Plug & Play algos you need to become a profitable algo trader

Join the 1% club

Join Carl and the hundreds of other traders using the trading algos from ProRealAlgos

Are your life ambitions bigger than just owning a house, having a car and some savings for a rainy day?

This program is rooted in mutual trust and respect. It's a venture, where participants will work closely with Carl Eriksson and the ProRealAlgos team over a longer period of time. Our aim is not just for you to run our algos but to forge a deep, enduring partnership, that will over time bring you to the next level of net worth and financial freedom.

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