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ProRealAlgos Learning

A complete guide into building algos and succesful algo trading

Climb the

Capital ladder

Our founder, Carl Eriksson, is bringing with him a group of 10 dedicated individuals on a decade long journey to significantly grow their wealth and get to a new level of financial freedom.


Passive income using only our trading algos

Your journey on the capital ladder starts and ends with passive income from ProRealAlgos proven automatic trading algorithms


Algo license paid with profit sharing program

Our most trusted clients can choose to pay the algo license with profits earned in our exclusive profit sharing program


Long term dedication and commitment

Your success is our success. We are personally committing a decade to each individual of this program and expect the same commitment back.


with Carl

Carl's Capital Climb Club

30 of 40 seats occupied - 12 persons in queue

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We are soon admitting more traders

ProRealAlgos reserves the right to deny applications if all seats are occupied or if the applicant doesn't suit the program

Starting April 1st 2024 00:00

Where are you now and where do you want to go?

Take a look on the chart to the right, where on the Net Worth ladder are you? And where do you want to go?

Follow Carl, and climb the ladder to your ultimate goal of financial freedom.

Wealth level / Net Worth ladder

Long term exceptional capital growth

Our mission and our algos deserves a dedicated program

Our mission is not only to build great algos that generate good returns but also to assist our clients to get the full effect of those algos with proper risk- and money management.

After 6 years in business, our algos have proven themselves many times over but we see that we can further improve the capital growth of our clients by 1) providing better information money and risk management and by 2) better mediating the conviction of our algos.

With this program we are taking another leap towards our goal; Creating exceptional growth for our clients through a long term relationship built on trust and commitment, adressing a few rather than everyone.


Long-term dedication and 100% commitment

This program is rooted in mutual trust and respect. It's a venture, where participants will work closely with Carl Eriksson and the ProRealAlgos team over a longer period of time. After you have supplied your application, our team will assess if you are suited to join the program based on your application form and a interview. The program isn't for everyone and ProRealAlgos reserves the right to deny applications.


After you have been approved to the club we will start a series of tasks together with you to prepare you for the program. All participants will get direct insight to my personal bank account to follow how I personally manage risk and position sizing on the different algos. I’m also providing personal recommendations, information and best practices on these areas to any participating within the boundaries of the law

How does the program work?

"It's a decade long commitment to  getting you to the   next level of net  worth"


The 4 steps of the program


Application review

All participants of the program are first reviewed to see that they fit the program and have the conviction and dedication needed to attend it. 

In addition to the application form we are doing personal interviews.

13 persons in queue


Get the algos

The participant acquires the license for the all active algos, either by standard upfront payment or by agreeing to share profits through our profit sharing program

The profit sharing program means that you pay of the license (+ administrative fee) on a quarterly basis based on the Q-return.


Starting it all up

​Welcome to Carl's Capital Climbing Club! Carl will onboard you to the program with a video call and do a few lectures on proper risk- and money management. 


All participants are obliged to learn how to manage risk effectively and to learn how to manage the algos in ProRealTime™.

Starting April 1st


Continuous follow-up

Your capital will grow over time, and you will continously have to adapt your position sizing and risk to your new level of capital. Carl will stay with you as a trusted partner as you grow closer and closer to your financial freedom and your financial end goal.

Send us an e-mail if you don't find the answers you are looking for

Frequently asked questions

I already got the algos, do I need to pay anything extra?

No, you don't. If you already got the algos, the programa is free of charge. Please note that this program isn't for everyone. It requires dedication and a long term commitment.

What's required from me in order to pay for the algos with profit sharing?

In order for us to track the returns of your account, which the profit sharing will be based on, you will on a quarterly basis have to send an account statement from your broker. In addition to that, our profit sharing program, is connected to additional assessments of you as a client.

I've been in queue for a couple of weeks, when will I be approved?

The interest to join the program is high and the application process is both thorough and time consuming. In our current pace we're admitting approximately 2 persons per month.

What can I expect in terms of annual results? 

Well, I think it's important to say that there are no guarantees of any returns at all. Nor can I guarantee that you will not lose capital. The program and its results is based on the automatic trading algorithms of ProRealAlgos. Our algos have an annual average gain of around 200% since start. What this program is doing, is making sure you are getting the full potential and returns of our algos by helping you with your money and risk management.

What's the difference from just buying and starting the algos with recommended position sizing?

The general goal of the program is to provide you with better support, better training and better information to help you get the full potential of our algos. What we've learned over the years is that close communcation with our clients significantly improves the results of our clients, especially in the long term. Instead of sending you the algos and giving you general recommendations, we will sit down with you to look at your specific situation. We can't provide personal recommendations for legal reasons but we can give you the information you need to make your own informed decision on how to manage risk, money, the algos and position sizing.

What exactly is required of me?

To join this program you must first get the algos. Either by profit sharing or by paying up-front. And in order for you to get the full potential of the algos and this program you must follow our instructions, read our newsletters, learn about money and risk management and generally be quite active.

Buy the algos first or pay with profit sharing

You're signed up! We will reach out when it's your turn

Join the 1% club

30/40 seats occupied - 12 persons in queue 

Are you ready for the
next level of net worth?

The starting point of this program is your current capital (net worth). Where are you now and where do you want to be in a decade?
We're taking your capital from X to Y in Z years.

"Ultimately you need to trust me and our algos"


Are your life ambitions bigger than just owning a house, having a car and some savings for a rainy day?

This program is rooted in mutual trust and respect. It's a venture, where participants will work closely with Carl Eriksson and the ProRealAlgos team over a longer period of time. Our aim is not just for you to run our algos but to forge a deep, enduring partnership, that will over time bring you to the next level of net worth and financial freedom.

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