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Pay for the algos,
with the algos

ProRealAlgos Profit Sharing

Get the returns of all our algos with no to minimal upfront cost, by paying for the algo license with a part of your quarterly profits generated  by those same algos.


If you make money, we make money

Sharing profits means that you only pay when you make money. It also means that we only make money, when you make money.

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Commission paid quarter by quarter

Our commission is charged quarterly based on your exact results of the previous quarter. Quarter-by-quarter, until the license is paid off.


Pay with profits,
not promises

Instead of blindly trusting us, you pay only when our algos make real profits for you. Don't trust the words of the developer, trust the profits of the algos


Creating incentives for continous improvements

Aligning our interests with our clients interests

This profit sharing program further aligns our clients interests with our own. It creates an even stronger incentive for us to continue putting maximal effort into our algos and to continue putting maximal efforts into making sure our clients make money. If our algo makes our clients X% more money, we earn Y% more commission.

It goes without saying that our goal has always been to make great algos and great returns but to have a profit sharing program to continuously remind us of that can only make it better.

More than that, having our clients pay nothing upfront to get the full access, is a clear testament to the historic returns of our algos and to our conviction that our algos will continue making good returns.


Pay only the quarters where the algos make money

The commission is paid quarterly based on your results of the previous quarter. It’s not that complicated, first you start a dedicated account for running only our algos, then every quarter you send us an account statement of your previous quarter, and pay a percentage of what you earned. Quarter-by-quarter, until the license is paid off. 

How does the program work?

"Profit sharing is a
strong testament to our conviction that our algos will continue making good returns."


Getting started in 4 steps


Application review

All participants of the program are first reviewed to see that they fit the program and have the qualifications needed to attend it. 


Setting up the account

The participant is required to set up a dedicated account with a separate ProRealTime™ for running our algos alone. This is needed for correct commission fee calculation.


Starting it all up

The participants get all algos sent to his inbox for import to the dedicated account. Algos are started with position sizing of your choosing.


Quarterly commissions

On a quarterly basis, every participant sends an account statement from their dedicated account from which the commission is calculated, and then charged.

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Frequently asked questions

How is the quarterly commission fee calculated?

The commission fee is based on your profits of the previous quarters, which in turn is based on the account statement you send us. The exact commission fee is decided seperately for every client.

What's required from me in order to pay for the algos with profit sharing?

In order for us to track the returns of your account, which the profit sharing will be based on, you will on a quarterly basis have to send an account statement from your broker. In addition to that, our profit sharing program, is connected to additional assessments of you as a client.

Fow how long will I pay the commission fee?

You will pay the commission, every winning quarter, quarter by quarter, until the lifetime license (+ administrative fee) is paid off

Why was I not approved for the program?

Joining the Profit Sharing program requires some qualifications, and every application is reviewed on a case-to-case basis. The qualifications to join the profit sharing program is connected to trust and commitment.

Is there a price difference paying for the algos upfront compared to with profit sharing?

Yes, as the Profit Sharing program is connected with additional administrative tasks such as reading account statements, creating invoices etc, we're adding a administrative fee which means that the license will be more expensive with profit sharing compared to paying upfront.

What exactly is required of me?

To join the profit sharing program you must first create a dedicated account (+ ProRealTime) for running our algos alone. When you have started the algos you have to send us your account statement quarterly.

"A strong testament to the conviction of our algos"


Get all algos with zero to minimal upfront cost

Get the returns of all our algos with no to minimal upfront cost, by paying for the algo license with a part of your quarterly profits generated  by those same algos.

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Share your profits

Minimize your risk and pay only with profits

Are your life ambitions bigger than just owning a house, having a car and some savings for a rainy day?

This program is rooted in mutual trust and respect. It's a venture, where participants will work closely with Carl Eriksson and the ProRealAlgos team over a longer period of time. Our aim is not just for you to run our algos but to forge a deep, enduring partnership, that will over time bring you to the next level of net worth and financial freedom.

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