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Installing and starting ProRealTime™ with broker IG


ProRealTime™ is the trading platform we use for all our products. The platform is free to use if you make 4 trades per month, otherwise it,s around €30 per month.It's to ProRealTime you import the algos, indicators, etc and it's in ProRealTime™ we start our algos. The software is installed locally on your computer. Once you have started your algos, the algos will run on the cloud server of ProRealTime™ meaning that you can shut off your computer without interrupting the algos.

1. Go to and register for an account

Depending on which country you are based in there are different account types to choose from. The most common account is a CFD-account, but our products also works with spreadbet acccounts. Our products also works with demo accounts.Please note that our products doesn't work with ISK/Turbo account.

2. Login to and activate ProRealTime

1) In MyIG, go to Settings

2) In the settings go to ProRealTime 

3) Activate ProRealTime for your live/demo accounts

4) Enable ProRealTime for your desired account

3. Go back to My IG (Dashboard) and start ProRealTime

1) Click your name in the top right corner and go to My IG

2) Click on arrow icon and click Launch ProRealTime

3) Click on Launch your platformIf it's your first time launching the platform you will first have to install the ProRealTime launcher at this step

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