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Save yourself the time and
Make yourself the big gains with
Robust algos from ProRealAlgos

Are you tired of spending hours picking stocks and still losing money? Do you feel that you worry too much about your current investments? Do you want to produce better returns effortlessly? 

We have developed robust trading algorithms for years. All based on historic data and best practice. We just started to rent them out, for you to just plug and play.


Runs on cloud server

Scalable for all capital sizes


Long and short trades

Trading 24 hours a day


So far (the beginning of June in my cash) the combined DD has been extremely low for the PRTA algos. Impressive! 


Great start, almost to good to be true, to my algo trading experience. Account up more than 27% the first month.




I have had the Algos in live mode for 2 weeks now. It's unbelievable how consistently the Algos deliver their results.

Getting started
in 5 simple steps

You just register for an CFD account,
import the algos and start them. Simply explained in this 56 seconds video

Weekly results since PRTA website launch May 20th 2020
Our results since start

Results verified 

(updated 2020-09-29)


FTSE 5min
FTSE 30min


26 / 3
12 / 0

13 838 €
4 926 €


DOW 5min
DOW 1hour
DOW 4hour


DAX 2min
DAX 3min
DAX 30min
DAX 4hour

25 / 2
4 / 2
6 / 0

43 / 1
28 / 5
11 / 3
6 / 1

10 433 
3 040 

15 618 
4 714 
-2 353 
6 488 €


21 / 4

7 / 2

1 476 €
1 576 

Total: 102 577
Winrate: 299/39

CAC 5min
CAC 30min

US100 2min
US100 30min

43 / 6
18 / 4

26 129 €
12 235 €

Position sizes (1€ contract)
Recommended minimum equity: 50 000€
DAX30 & US100: 10x contracts
CAC40 & FTSE100: 20x contracts
STXE: 30x contracts
DOW: 5x contracts


STXE 5min
STXE 30min


41 / 5
/ 1

8 679 €
2 884 €


Runs on cloud server

No need for you to have your computer running. Trading system runs on ProRealTime server.

Verified results

Historic results verified with extensive backtests and live results verified by customers.

Scalable for your capital

Do you have 1 000€ or 100 000€? Our algorithms work with all initial capitals


Long and short trades

Our algos take both long and short trades meaning that you will make money even when the market is going down

Trading 24 hours a day

Algos will be trade for you automatically 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Affordable prices (590€)

Algorithms are affordable for all investors with favorable volume discounts.
See our prices in the webshop

Some of our algos
Fästpunkt 1

Frequently asked questions

Is their a minimum investment to start the algos?

No not really. The position sizes of the algos are scalable. You can run our algos with an initial capital of 1 000€ aswell as an initial capital of 100 000€. 

Do you give support on how to install the algo?

Yes, we will help you get started with your algo. There is a step-by-step guide here. If you need more help, please e-mail us or contact us on twitter. 

Will you provide updates?

Our algos have been developed in a way that ensures robustness. If a market shift would change the performance of an algo, an update would be provided to all subscribers without cost.

5 step guide in detail

Register for a CFD account at IG.COM

We recommend the broker IG, but the algos will work with any broker offering the ProRealTime Trading software. Go to and register for

a CFD-account.


Register for the 1 month free trial

Start the algos with demo money


We have a trial period of our algos 4 times per year, where we release all our algos for a 30 day free trial. Sign up for the next trial and we will contact you when the next trial period starts.

When you have received your algos, start them on your demo account. The demo account uses fake money so you are not risking anything. Are you happy with the results? Go to step 4.



Start the algos with real money

This is the same procedure as step 3 but this time you start the algos on your real CFD-account
instead. Enjoy your returns and please
spread the word about us. 


Order your algo from PRTA

Go to our webshop and order your desired algos. There are favorable volume discounts if you rent more than 1 algo. We recommend the full algo package for the best diversification and return. 

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