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ProRealAlgos Learning

A complete guide into building algos and succesful algo trading


Challenge leader Carl Eriksson

Carl is leading the making the million challenge and is joining with his own personal equity. When you're hurting so is he & when you're celebrating so will he.

Making the Million-challenge

Turning €5,000 to €1,000,000 in
48 months

Using only our own algos with extreme, non-recommended position sizing and agressive reinvestment of profits. 

Extreme risk

Monthly livestream

"It's simply not possible" 

€5,000 to €1,000,000 equals a 19,900% gain

Well, let's look closer at the numbers

Yearly: 276% return
39.26% return
11.67% return

Gain required per period

Equity must be doubled (2x) every

6.27 months

Which isn't impossible. So how will I do this? 

With high risk position sizing and aggressive reinvestment of profits on a monthly basis

The challenge in bullet points

Live the first Sunday every month at 7 PM

Reinvestment of profit (i.e. increasing position size) will decided on a monthly basis

Using only our own active algos

Equity curve will be updated monthly in connection to the monthly livestream

This challenge might blow the account, so only join if you know what you're doing

Discuss the challenge on our Discord

Current equity of the account

Updated on a monthly basis in connection to the monthly livestream

Projected equity

Challenge equity

Yearly milestones

Historic results with reinvestment 1

(Increase 1 contract for every €5,000 earned)

Historic results with reinvestment 2

(Increase 1 contract for every €5,000 earned at the first upcoming month with equity less than projected curve)


Challenge equity

Historic results
with reinvestment

(Increase 1 contract for
every €5,000 earned)

Current position sizing

Updated on a monthly basis in connection to the monthly livestream

Join a smaller challenge?

If you can't afford the 20 algos package then you can run the challenge with only 5 algos, with higer position size per algo. But you should be aware that the risk increases but not the expected return. See position sizing for that below

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