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Next-gen buy-sell signals

Supercharge your trading with our best Indicators for ProRealTime™

Market hours

Part of the PPA indicator set

Easily visualize different market hours with vertical backgrounds on the price chart. This can help you or your automatic system to trade in a specific way, utilizing a specific edge within a specific market hour block.


The indicator is added directly onto the price chart and changes the color of the background according to your preferecens. The background colors and the market hours can be easily changed wihtin the settings of the indicator to serve your need.

How can the indicator be used?

Easy identify market hours

Input to your manual trading

Help make the right trade at the right time


Juan Jacobs


(FX Automate)

With a BSc in Business Information Technology, Juan traded a 7-year career as a Systems Analyst for full-time trading. Through logic and methodology, Juan's created numerous successful trading systems and indicators.  His contributions to ProRealTime are a testament to his expertise, making him a respected figure in the community.

Huge volume discounts

Release date

Sept 2023


Which ever




Which ever




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