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High TF Bollingers

Part of the PPA indicator set

Bollinger Bands are a standard part of most charting platforms and is exceptionally useful to see when the market is likely to either mean revert or breakout. The higher time-frame (HTF) Bollinger bands used in this system is based on a 40 period moving average with bands representing the 2 and 3 standard deviation levels calculated on a higher timeframe and used in conjunction with the default time-frame Bollinger bands to identify mean reversion opportunities.

How can the indicator be used?

Find mean reversion entries

Input to your manual trading

Identify overbought/oversold zones

Input to your automatic system


Juan Jacobs


(FX Automate)

With a BSc in Business Information Technology, Juan traded a 7-year career as a Systems Analyst for full-time trading. Through logic and methodology, Juan's created numerous successful trading systems and indicators.  His contributions to ProRealTime are a testament to his expertise, making him a respected figure in the community.

Huge volume discounts

Release date

Sept 2023


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Which ever




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