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Market phase indicator

Part of the PPA indicator set

Markets are either trending or consolidating and for each there is a specific scenario that will dictate the type of trading that needs to take place. This indicator is thus typically used on a higher timeframe to form a bias of what ‘phase’ the market is in, and will then make it easy for the user to identify which kind of market we are currently in. 

How can the indicator be used?

Identify current market conditions

Identify shifts in market condtions

As a paremter for your manual trading

As input to your automatic trading

Huge volume discounts


The indicator is added separately to the chart window and will with clear line colors and background colors show you which kind of market we are currently in which will subsequently should determine which type of trading you should be doing. 


Juan Jacobs


(FX Automate)

With a BSc in Business Information Technology, Juan traded a 7-year career as a Systems Analyst for full-time trading. Through logic and methodology, Juan's created numerous successful trading systems and indicators.  His contributions to ProRealTime are a testament to his expertise, making him a respected figure in the community.

Release date

Sept 2023


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Which ever




How to read the indicator

Indicator moves between 3 phases
Consolidating (sideways market expected offering mean reversion opportunities)
Breakout (market possibly breaking out of consolidation)
Trending (trending market offering opportunities for trading pullbacks in the trend)

The color of the market phase indicator line confirms the trend direction.
Blue: No trend, expect swings
Red: Expect bearish price action (Short trades only)
Green: Expect bullish price action  (Long trades only)

Background color indicates underlying market momentum. 
Blue: Neutral
Red: Bearish momentum
Green: Bullish momentum

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