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Free ready-to-use strategies with ProRealTime code included

These strategies come with the full ProRealTime™ code visible and can be modified however you want . They have been developed by Carl Eriksson and they cater ever trading style (scalping, swing trading, etc) for a number of different markets and commodities. The strategeis can be used as-is or adapted for your specific need and trading style. The strategies can be started to trade automatically or you can use the strategies for you manual or semi-autmatic trading. 

 If you want to propose a trading strategy for us to add here, please feel free to contact us. Enjoy! 


The developer of these algos are the founder and CEO of ProReaAlgos. With over a decade of experience in algo development both privately and institutionally, you are getting access to strategies developed by one of the leading profiles in the algo development field.

Carl Eriksson, developer

The strategies 

Free trading strategies

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