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Frequently asked questions

Will you provide updates?

Our algos have been developed in a way that ensures robustness. If a market shift would change the performance of an algo, an update would be provided to all subscribers without cost.

Do you continously run tests to further optimize/adapt your algos to the market or do they stay fairly consistent over time?

They stay fairly consistent. If we observere a more permanent change in market that does not suit the algo, we will update it accordingly free of charge. 

How big stoploss are the algos using?

All algos we offer today have a stoploss ranging between 0.5% to 2%. To see the exact stoploss of every individual algos go to our algos page

Is it possible to pay with bank card?

 Yes we have stripe and paypal payment solution in our webshop that accepts card payments.

Why do you sell your algos now?

The reason for not sharing our algos sooner is that there was no way to hide the code. The possibility to hide the code is a necessity for sharing  algos, to make sure the code is not copied and shared illegally.

Now when we can hide the code, we can help other algotraders make money on our algos and we can still keep our code secret.

Learn more about why we're selling our algos

Who are ProRealAlgos?

We are geeks. Geeks in maths, trading and psychology, who happened to find eachother online a few years ago and together created an adjustable agile process to develop strong edges and robust systems, based on data analysis, trading patterns and a touch of luck.

Learn more about the company

Do you give support on how to install
the algo?

Yes, we will help you get started with your algo. There is a step-by-step guide here. If you need more help, please e-mail us or contact us on twitter. 

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