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3-step guide to start your algo

Get ProRealTime (+broker)

Find a broker offering the ProRealTime™ software and install it. We recommend using IG (


Order and
receive algo

Order your desired algo in our webshop or by sending an email to us. The algo will be sent to your e-mail.


Import algo to ProRealTime™

Import the files for the algo sent to your email. Run a backtest and start the algo with your chosen position size.

3.1 Receiving the algo


All algos will be delivered in two files to your e-mail. One indicator file and one system file. 

3.2 Open indicator/systems library


Open the instrument / index intended for the algo e.g. Wall Street Cash (1€). Click the symbol marked in red.

3.3 Import indicator & system


Click the import button and import the two files received in step 3.1

3.3 Run a backtest and start the algo


To run a backtest
Mark the algo you have imported in the previous step and click the red button ProBacktest my system to start the backtest. 


To start the algo 
Mark the algo and click the yellow button Prepare for automatic trading and then click the START button

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