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Plus Nikkei M5

Plus Nikkei M5



Type: Trendfollowing             Stoploss Long: 1.75%              Stoploss Short: 1.65%   Timeframe: 5 minutes        Entry hours: 24hours a day     Trade over weekend: Yes    Trailing stop: Yes      Take profit Long: 2.1%         Take profit Short: 3.6%


RESULTS (1$ contract 200k bars) 
Gain: 15 355$                        Winrate: 92.16%                      Profit factor: 3,46

Order per day: 0,74              Avg gain / Avg loss: 0.29


 Download and make your own updated backtest 

Trendfollowing strategy working on the 5 minute timeframe on Japan 225 (Nikkei225). Optimized for 100% of the bars (IS). As it is a trendfollowing strategy you will not see hitting the perfect bottom or the perfect top, but you will see trades taking big profits following big movements within the trend. 


Backtest image from end of 2020. 

All algos consists of two files, both are needed to start the system.

  • The automatic pro order system
  • The algo indicator

When the payment of the order has been confirmed we will make the preparations of your personal files and send it to you by e-mail to the e-mail you provide in the checkout process.

During business hours you will usually receive the files within 2-3 hours. If you have any questions send us an email to

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