FTSE 30min

FTSE 30min


Type: Trendfollowing             Stoploss: 2%                       Timeframe: 30 minutes

Entry hours: 09:50 - 17:45       Trade over weekend: Yes    Trailing stop: Yes

Take profit: No


RESULTS (1€ contract 200k bars) 
Gain: 2 410€                        Winrate: 91,96%                      Profit factor: 3.46

Max Drawdown: 272,45€         Order per day: 0,19              Avg gain / Avg loss: 0.3

Trendfollowing strategy working on the 30 minute timeframe on FTSE. Optimized for 70% of the bars (IS) and 30% of the bars (OOS). Walk-forward tested with good WF-efficiency.  The algo has been running live for a couple of months. 


As it is a trendfollowing strategy you will not see hitting the perfect bottom or the perfect top, but you will see trades taking big profits following big movements within the trend. 


Backtest image from 2020-08-12.

  • Delivery of the algo

    All algos consists of two files, both are needed to start the system.

    • The automatic pro order system
    • The algo indicator

    When the payment of the order has been confirmed we will make the preparations of your personal files and send it to you by e-mail to the e-mail you provide in the checkout process.

    During business hours you will usually receive the files within 2-3 hours. If you have any questions send us an email to info@prorealtimealgos.com


E-mail info@prorealalgos.com for package discount 


I have been running your algos in demo for a few weeks and now in live for two weeks. I'm happily surprised by the results

Lars Johansson
  • Twitter

DD has been extremely low for the PRTA algos. Impressive!

Christer Hedman
  • Twitter
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