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ProRealAlgos Team • Development process • Terms and conditions

About the ProRealAlgos team

The ProRealAlgos team is a small team of experienced traders and programmers. In Nov 2019 we decided to start renting out algos based on the code that we ourselves already had been running for years.

Why would we rent out the algos? Well, why not? Renting the algos gives us a risk free income in addition to the risk based returns that the same algos already are giving us. It doesn't affect the algos negatively that more people are using them and the code can't be copied so why wouldn't we share the algos? 

We have no link with the ProRealTime™ entity that offers the ProRealTime™ trading software,

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Juan Jacobs

Carl Eriksson

Muhammad Bilal PS

We know that our customer relationships are a win-win situation. Our customers are running robust algos that will save them time and make them money. And for us, the ProRealAlgos team, our customers means a risk free income in addition to the risk based income that the same algos are already giving us. Also, we just like the fact that we are saving people's time and money.

Frequently asked questions

Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 Welcome to Pro Real Algos, a financial algorithm website and service provided through the company ProRealAlgos (hereinafter referred to as “Pro Real Algos”, “we” “our”, or “us”). ProRealTime™ is a trademark registered by the third-party entity Pro Real Time SAS.

1.2 These Terms of Use govern your use of (the “Website”) and all related algorithms, tools, applications, data, software, APIs (which may also be subject to separate API Terms of Use if necessary) and other services provided by Pro Real Algos now and in the future (the “Services”).

1.3 These Terms of Use, together with our separate document on the gathering, use and protection of your personal information (the “Privacy Policy”)[DD1]  and any other terms specifically referred to in any of those documents, constitute a legally binding agreement (the “Agreement”) between you and Pro Real Algos in relation to your use of the Website and Services (together, the “Services”).

Strategy idea
and alignment

Defining an edge or an idea, and enunciating the strategy including settings e.g. timeframe, index, stoploss

Source code optimization

IS/OOS-optimization of the source code parameters using 60-70% IS and 40-30% OOS.

Walk forward

60/40 WF-test over 5 iterations. All periods must be over 50% WF-efficiency. Total efficiency over 80%.

Demo, trial & Live

Algos tested in demo for X trades or 10k bars before going to live, also for X trades or 10k bars*

*X = 5% of number of trades in backtest

Development process

Below is an attempt to, in an easy and understandable way, describe how our development is done. All algos you see on this site have gone through this process. The idea behind creating this process was to standardize our development to make it measurable and possible to adjust. By creating algos through the same process over and over again we can tune and adjust the steps to make it even better. We continuously make small improvements to the process to make sure it only creates algos that are robust; a prerequisite to be profitable in algo trading.

4 steps for success

Will you provide updates?

Our algos have been developed in a way that ensures robustness. If a market shift would change the performance of an algo, an update would be provided to all subscribers without cost.

Do you continously run tests to further optimize/adapt your algos to the market or do they stay fairly consistent over time?

They stay fairly consistent. If we observere a more permanent change in market that does not suit the algo, we will update it accordingly free of charge. 

Why do you sell your algos now?

The reason for not sharing our algos sooner is that there was no way to hide the code. The possibility to hide the code is a necessity for sharing  algos, to make sure the code is not copied and shared illegally.

Now when we can hide the code, we can help other algotraders make money on our algos and we can still keep our code secret.

Who are ProRealAlgos?

We are geeks. Geeks in maths, trading and psychology, who happened to find eachother online a few years ago and together created an adjustable agile process to develop strong edges and robust systems, based on data analysis, trading patterns and a touch of luck. In short words, a third party developer to ProRealTime

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